Guesthouse history

The residence housing the Guest House VERA INN was built on the slopes of Kri  in line with the 19th century manor house architecture by Anastasis Palaios, an influential merchant and landowner. The first two ground floor rooms are replaced by the twin floor residence in 1870 and is given as dowry to his only child, his daughter Katigo Palaiou, who marries Andrea Tsofopoulo at the tender age of 16. The house acquires an urban feel and the living quarters on the top floor is adorned with a great fresco on its ceiling by a painter named Vouris from Chionades village. (Today a few pieces of the fresco have been restored).

Katigo bears seven children and live a mythical life. Only four of her children reach adulthood, and the house is inherited by her second last son, my grandfather Konstantinos Tsofopoulos.


Although time has a habit of wearing down materials, memories are a strong tool for the desire to rebuilt them.


We have restored the Guest House with love and respect to the surrounding environment and history, incorporating contemporary elements which express our view for a unique stay.