Zagori or Zagorochoria

Zagorochoria are made up of a complex of 46 villages nestled on the Northwest edge of the Pindos mountain range. The name is derived from the historic word ‘’ Zagora’’, meaning ‘’ behind the mountains ‘’. This word is justified completely as the Zagorochoria are in fact a group of villages at one with the mountains. In the area one will meet the National Park Range, VikosAoos. This is one of the most important geological formations in Greece and second largest canyon in the world regarding its ratio of width to depth (1.000 m.).

Numerous villages such as Monodendri, Vikos, Mikro Papigo, Megalo Papigo, border the borge while other villages such as Aristi, Vitsa, Kapesovo, Vradeto, Agios Minas and Vrysochori can be found on the outskirts. One will be impressed by how harmoniously these villages are built into their surroundings. Slate and rock from the area are used in the architectural construction of the houses, some humble and others grand in manner.

Zagorician merchants reach Egypt to bring back wealth, culture and a cosmopolitan air. Today’s traveler has the opportunity to take a trip back in times and history. One can enjoy the rich vegetation and fauna, trek along the stone paths and bridges, wonder in the gorges and unique pathways, and indulge in tastes and smells of the days gone by.